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Delight Wheel in Qingyuan
jijin 2017-05-23 10:33:44

Project location: on the top of a shopping mall in Qingyuan, Guangzhou

Design life: 30 Years

Opening date: May, 2015

Height: 96 Meters


Capacity: 48 Cabins, 384 People

The Delight observation wheel, which officially opened on May 27th, 2015, is the new attraction in Mayland town in Qingyuan, Guangzhou. The observation wheel with 84 meters diameter is the biggest rooftop Ferris wheel in China.


The 101-meter-tall wheel has 48 cabins, each of which holds eight passengers. The entire structure and cabins is white, similar to Tianjin Eye observation wheel, which also was designed and manufactured by Sameco in 2009. Its elegant and unique design perfectly matched with the modern buildings, becomes the most iconic landmark of the town. Moreover, the wheel decorated with thousand of LED lights and the front music-foundation-plaza highlighted the night view of Mayland town.