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Customized Facility
Ferris Wheel
Roller Coaster
Sounding Shuttle
Double-loop roller coaster in Weifang Fuhua Amusement Park
Sky Ring in Shanghai
Delight Wheel in Qingyuan
Watertown Eye Ferris Wheel (133m) in Liaocheng
The Bubble Tram--Canton Tower Horizontal Wheel (450m) in Guangzhou
Tianjin Eye Ferris Wheel (120m) in Tianjin
Nanchang Star Ferris Wheel (160m) in Nanchang
Ferris wheel (63m) in Tangshang, Nanjing
Creating a new concept of observation wheel - "Innovation" leads Sameco to forge ahead
About us

Shanghai Amusement Machine Engineering Co. Ltd (SAME), subordinated to China Coal Technology & Engineering Group, was established in 1984. It is a pioneer in China Amusement Industry and the vice president of the China Association of Amusement Parks & Attraction (CAAPA). As a technical state-owned enterprise, SAME provides complete design, manufacture, sale, installation and After-sales service of amusement facilities and amusement park construction .

SAME has been dedicated over thirty years to design and develop various amusement facilities, and has strong capability in researching, developing and manufacturing. The projects we completed are all over China and created a lot of records: Opened in 2006, the Nanchang Star(525ft) was the world’s tallest observation wheel (2006-2008). The Tianjin Eye is the only ferris wheel in the world which suspended between two carriageways of a bridge. SAME has also designed and manufactured special observation facilities being a famous landmark, such as the Canton Tower and Shanghai Tower, which have great influence on China’s industry with advanced level.


. We provide our clients with professional and effective technical consultation, design and manufacture service for high quality amusement facilities. We believe SAME will make your dream come true.

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